The Ethics of Authenticity

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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Taylor took the idea of authenticity and transformed into the life shape of human beings. He argues that all humans have this natural feeling to tell the difference between right and wrong. One of the main topics that Taylor discuses is the idea of getting in touch with your inner self to find your true self identity. Being in touch with our inner voice is very important because it tells us what the right thing to do is. In the past, in order to be a full being meant you had to be connected with God or the Good; now being a full being means being in touch with the inner-self. Taylor states that trying to listen to the inner-self may be difficult because of own dependence on others. If we continue to depend on others, the voice of our inner nature will be drowned out. Pride is the major flaw that the human embrace while finding their inner-self. Taylor also says that finding ones true self consists of an outer look. On this journey to true selfhood one has to recognize the ideas and opinion of those around them. Taylor also argues the topic of personal freedom. A human can obtain personal freedom when outside opinions no longer are taken into consideration. Taylor states, “…If I am not, I miss the point of my life, I miss what being human is for me.” (34) This quote explains how every human has their own original way of being human. This also coincides with the argument that Taylor presents; difference is the key to Authenticity. Each human voice has something to say, not one the same. Being different can lead to being true to one’s self. While being true to yourself, you find originality. Another important aspect of the human is language. Humans have to be dialogical; no one acquires the language on their own, they have to interact with others. Taylor argues that we as humans need relationship s to fulfill not to define us. Horizons need to be supported with stronger meanings, if not they will crumble under pressure. Reaction:

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