The Ethics and Morality of Homosexuality and Homosexual Acts

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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The ethics and morality of homosexuality and homosexual acts have been debated and questioned by many groups of people using several moral approaches to argue their point. It seems that the group of people who are most against homosexuality are religious groups, specifically Christians. Homosexuality however is not morally wrong and many arguments will be presented to refute the claims by those who do believe that homosexuality is unethical and morally wrong. The approaches that is used the most to argue that homosexuality and the acts that are involved are morally wrong which is used most by Christians is the Theory of Natural Law. Now there are three main points to this theory and the first point is that it is believed that "everything in nature has a purpose" (Rachels & Rachels, 2012). Aristotle, who is very well known and respected stated that if everyone believes that nature makes objects for a specific purpose, and that this believe is correct, then, nature makes things for the sake of man. Christians believe that God created things in nature for a specific plan and so if that specific plan can not be carried out, then it should not be done and therefore is morally wrong. To connect this part of the Theory of Natural Law to thoughts about homosexuality, one of the main arguments against homosexual acts is that it is "unnatural." Christians believe the act of homosexual sex is immoral because it does not end in the production of life, which according to them are the main purposes of sex, to create life.

This argument is easily refuted however. When using the evolutionary sense of the term "unnatural," which is how most Christians use it in their arguments, they mean that homosexuality is morally wrong because it involves the unnatural use of body parts. It is believed by some, that because God had created genitals and the act of sex for procreation, and homosexual sex can not end in procreation, that those individuals engaging in those acts are using their...
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