The Ethical Research of Animal Testing

Topics: Animal rights, Animal testing, Science Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: October 21, 2012
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The Ethical Research of Animal Testing

Animal testing has been a hot topic of discussion in society for many years. The debate is whether or not animal testing should be allowed. Some people believe that animal testing is wrong and that it causes undue harm to animals. Throughout the last 150 years, the practice of using animals for research has been under intense scrutiny between animal activists and researchers. Scientists insist that the experimental research they do is essential for producing effective drugs, and the animal rights activists believe that testing animals for advancements in medicine is not necessary. I believe that research using animals should continue as long as there is a reason for it to continue. Thanks to animal based research, to date millions of human lives have been saved. Animal testing is the only way to find out if vaccinations work for different diseases. We cannot just ask people off the streets to volunteer, as that would be morally and ethically wrong. At this time, scientific researchers have no alternatives for testing new drugs, as scientific computer modules can only do so much for testing. Also, the government has strong laws in place to ensure the health and welfare of test animals. As long as there is disease and sickness in the world, scientists will always be looking for the next cure and treatment options, so we will always need to have animal research. As long as the animals are treated humanely, I believe that it would be inhumane to the human race to stop animal research. Thanks to animal research, the advancements in disease control have been beneficial and should be able to continue in the future. Although animal research has saved thousands of human lives, it has remained a major controversy for several years even though scientific researchers have tried to ensure the well being of animals. Animal rights activists still deem it inhumane, even though there are strict...
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