The Ethical Framework of Michael Hernandez

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Morality Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The Ethical Framework of Michael Hernandez

For my Executive Final Project Paper, I have decided to interview and analyze the Ethical Framework or Code of Ethics of the Chief Executive Officer for UPS Mail Innovations here in Southern California – Michael Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez has been employed with UPS for slightly over 20 years. He has worked in several different facets of UPS, while amassing knowledge, rank and status, along the way up the totem pole. I myself work for UPS Mail Innovations, and am very fortunate that his office is stationed here in our facility. I have always admired the leadership skills and ethical standards that he visibly and vocally instills and mentors on a daily basis within my work environment. Mr. Hernandez was quick to respond with a “No Problem” when I approached him in his office about allowing me to interview him regarding his Ethical Framework. I let him know what all it would entail, which in short was nothing more than just basically a short and sweet interview to find out what his Ethical Framework consisted of; about 15 minutes max. He let me know the same day that he was able to set aside 30 minutes of his busy schedule so that I could interview him there in his office. Mr. Hernandez expressed that his “Ethical Framework and Code of Ethics is based on having the highest integrity, being fair, honest, not compromising anybody’s rights, and applying those principles on a daily basis in everything that you do” (R. M. Hernandez, personal communication, October 11, 2012). He said that “people with integrity use a set of core principles that empower them to consistently use high standards, and that one should not compromise their morals and values for something they do not believe in” (R. M. Hernandez, personal communication, October 11, 2012). When I asked him about his method for selecting talent for a new position he answered that he “does not think of the ethnicity or sex of the individual, he instead thinks of...
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