The Essential Leap Year

Topics: Education, College, Higher education Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: March 25, 2009
The end of high school is a joyous time for students, as they focus upon the empty canvas that is their future. The possibilities are endless really, as there are countless paths to follow. Such a time can be quite overwhelming though, as choices made now may have great impact in the long run. This brings us to the debate of whether to jump right back onto the education train or to pause after high school to fully consider all of the options. A gap year can be very favourable though, as it provides time to pursue other interests such as travel, work, and to properly plan how to engage in post-secondary education. Ultimately the decision is up to the individual student whether the gap year is necessary, but the points in support of the time off cannot be ignored. In order to maximize one’s potential for success in their post-secondary studies and lives thereafter; it is highly beneficial to take a year off between high school and college or university.

An exciting aspect about taking a gap year is that there really are no requirements; you can choose to spend the time however you wish. Nevertheless, one of the most important benefits to a gap year is the self-enrichment it can bring to those who take advantage of it. Meaningful ways to fill the time range from altruistic activities such as volunteer work abroad, to simply gaining a broader horizon on life. Another popular option is using the time off for travel. There is no better way to gain perspective on how the world truly works than to experience other people, places, and cultures. There is also no better age to travel the world than when you are young, healthy, and have time to spare. Additionally, taking a year off provides students with the time to improve upon any marks they will need to submit to a post-secondary institution. Even Harvard University, arguably the most prestigious school in North America, recommends that taking a year off after high school is a wise decision for prospective...
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