The Essence of Physical Light and Spiritual Light

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March 2, 2013
The Essence of Physical Light and Spiritual Light
In this discussion, there are two kinds of light that are going to be compared. The two kinds of lights that are going to be compared against each other in this discussion are going to be; physical light and spiritual light. As we all know, the sun, stars, oil lamps will all eventually burn out, whereas the light of God is forever, so showing that spiritual light, God’s light, is much better than physical light.

In Genesis 1:3 God said let there be light and there was light. Later on in Genesis 1:16 we read that God made two great lights, one of the great lights being the sun. The other light that is spoken of in this verse is the moon, which reflects the light of the sun at night. We also read in this verse that God made the stars. These were the first physical lights to be known. We have the sun in the day and the stars and moon at night.

As we go through the bible we also read about oil lamps being made use of for light. Today we still have oil lamps but we also make use of lights that are driven by electricity, gas, etc. We actually have many various ways of generating physical light today. As time is going forward, we are continuously developing new ways to generate physical light and ways to power physical light.

Due to common knowledge, we know that the sun is a massive big burning ball that is getting smaller as each day passes, thus showing that the sun is not going to burn forever; therefore, it will not be a light forever. Another factor about the sun and the light that it radiates on earth is the fact that if there are heavy clouds in the sky, the radiant brightness of the sun is hidden from us and we need to use other items to give us physical light. Out of experience we know that whatever we set alight only burns for as long as there is substance for it to burn, once the substance is finished, the flame dies; therefore, the light that it was...
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