The Essay of Behavioural Analysis

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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According to a report from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, there are about one third of advertising use super-thin models in top 5 entertainment magazines of Hong Kong. In addition, the two fifth interviewees think that using super-thin models in advertising have a real impact in their mentality. The 40% interviewees think that using super-thin models in advertising have a potential impact. The effect of super-thin models is strong in youths. Young people often find a kind of value from entertainment magazines or other media. The most people think that the thin lady is more beautiful than plump woman. Many clothes design is suitable for thin lady. It is difficult when a plump woman choose clothes. Especially in Asia area, the most of audience watch a thin woman on TV. Audience is hard to watching a plump face on TV. Many people think that the advertising company should not use more super-thin models in advertising. “The Israeli government has passed a law banning the use of underweight models in advertising and on the catwalk” (BBC, 20 March 2012). Other one thinks the audience or reader should enable to separate fantasy from reality. The advertising is not real. In fact, the most of advertising is exaggerated. The advertising always show that a wonderful life for their audience. The designer of advertising hopes that the audience thinks they will be having a wonderful life when they use the product. This is the purpose for advertising designer. Therefore designer will make an exaggerated advertising. The audience should be able to separate that it is not reality. That is only advertising. This essay wills discuss the two views about the effect of the using super-thin models in advertising. In addition to this, the essay wills analysis the effect of customer behaviour from advertising.

The customer is hardly finding a product that let people became a fat man. Every company will research the customer behaviour. According to the customer behaviour, the company will know that product will be accepted. The important is the consumer behaviour will become a marketing concept. There are many slimming product in market, when the most of people think that the thin lady is beautiful. Therefore woman cannot run away from talon of slimming forever. If the most of people think that the chubbiness is the sign of beauty, the company would be producing the product that increases weight. “the assumption of the selling concept is that consumers are unlikely to buy the product unless they are aggressively persuaded to do so mostly through the ‘hard sell’ approach… when consumers are induced to buy products they do not want or need, they will not buy them again.” (Schiffman, 2007:5)

Everyone has their self-concept. Everyone has their own definition of beauty. Furthermore, the self-concept will affect many things of people. For example, the self-concept will affect their hobby. The self-concept will affect their style of clothing when the people buy clothing. “The self-concept refers to the beliefs a person holds about their attributes, and how they evaluate these qualities.” (Solomon, 2010:144) However, the advertising company cannot focus all of self-concept of people. The company only can focus the most of self-concept of people. It causes another problem. Sometime the advertising will hurt the self-esteem of people. “One Slim-Fast ad is a photo of a French model and reads, ‘I love British women. They make me look great.’”(Solomon, 2010:145) The British women must do not buy the product. Because that the advertising hurts the self-esteem of British women. It is not a successful advertising. The advertising company only focus a group of people and hurt another group of people. When fat women see the super-thin models on print ads, the fat women maybe cure her shape is not good. We can believe that the super-thin models advertising will hurt someone who has fat shape.

The consumer behaviour will be changed. There is interesting...
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