The Equality of Us All

Pages: 5 (2220 words) Published: January 18, 2013
The Equality of Us All
On this Sunday morning, this being a groggy September morning, Adam and his family wake up with the dewy dawn just as they would any other Sunday, bustling around the creaky, cold floorboards, to prepare for that morning’s worship. Adam likes church. He feels more trusting, friendly, liked and even accepted than he does at school. Adam’s family is just like any normal family. They eat with each other, they annoy each other, sometimes they despise each other, but mostly they love each other. The family of five, Adam, his mother and father, and his two younger sisters, pile into the 97 maroon Chevrolet Astro van, and drive their way to the old and ordinary chapel who’s service has been attended by Adam’s family for more generations than for which he has been alive. Adam, age eighteen, gazes out the window, half because he is tired, mentally planning the events of his day. Church service is always the same and he knows exactly how long the service will take and what time he can get out and go home. They all arrive at church but do not exit the vehicle before the customary “behave yourselves” to the girls. Adam exits and goes inside and greets his fellow church members (what few there are left) and seats himself in the third from the front where he waits for his best friend to arrive, who is the only reason Adam ever attends church service in the first place. He sits there, excited to see his friend, and also excited for the events after, as his Sundays never change, and he always knows he gets to spend time with the person that makes him happiest after he leaves the place that makes him the least happy. His friend arrives just at the top of the service, as usual, and they sit through service together, just as they had when they were young children barely understanding the concepts the pastor was trying to bestow upon the congregation, writing notes back and forth on the church bulletin, until it was finally time to rise from their seats and sing the final hymn of the service. The tradition never changes, this time being no different, and after service Adam bids adieu to his best friend, climbs into the family vehicle with more pep and enthusiasm than he had two hours prior, and heads for home, where he will call up the person he’s been dating for almost two years now. His name is Steven. America, since the time she came to be, has been through different periods and eras of people who have risen up to obtain their human rights. People much like Adam, with normal families, normal dreams, and normal lives, receive hatred for being a person they can’t control being, or being a person that they have every human right to be, both in present-day and throughout history. Maya Angelou, an American author, poet, and huge civil rights activist, tells us of her youth and the racism she faced in her essay “Mary,” as well as Richard Rodriguez who tells us of similar racism he faces as a young person in his essay “Complexion.” The civil rights movement and the women’s movement shaped both of these people’s futures by giving them, along with all the people like them, the rights they deserved to have as human beings. Still today, there are people without the right to live as they so choose, such as homosexual people, and continue to live without these rights. Although these people could be as normal as Adam, they receive much hatred from several people and groups of people, and are denied rights from the government, much like women and black people were denied rights in the years before them. I am a full supporter of equal human rights for all people, and there shouldn’t be any exceptions to the rule. It is important to realize that people deserve to be treated as equal, and to do this we must understand history so that we don’t make the same mistakes. Through understanding the history of our country and its fights for equal human rights, we can strive to treat people with equality and offer equal rights to all, no...
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