The Environmental Effects of the Management

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The environmental effects of the management


Knowing the environmental problems such as the internal impacts like cultural and policies can help manager make an available decision that can promote the management effectively and efficiently. These three articles explain how important the environment is and how it works in different aspects. This paper will analyze these three articles and evaluate the limitation and improvement.

The context of journal articles

The first article, named How knowledge management mediates the relationship between environment and organizational structure, describes that the important role of knowledge management capability in making decision. The author assumed different points according to the relationship among environment uncertainty, knowledge management capability and organizational structure in different situation. Using the data analyzing, which are a pilot study and a questionnaire, and a multiple-item method, which depended on both agreements and disagreements of this research (Liao, Chuang and To, 2011). This article offers a material to validate that environment is an essential part of the management, which is environmental issues, can affect on making-decision of business managers whatever internal or external issues. For example, the Olympics, although it is a world sports games, it also exits the cultural essences such as the mascot and the Lego that are designed by the holding host country.

Vasconcelos and Ramirez (2011) states that first, through different two definitions of complexity, algorithmic complexity and natural complexity which were defined by Henri Atlan, they analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both definitions. Next, they explain that the different levels of environment such as internal, transactional and contextual cause different results of complexity in business management which include complexity, organization and management. Lastly, the authors use some methods of...
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