The Environment and Context of Leadership

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  • Published: August 19, 2013
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Running head: The Environment and Context of Leadership

The Environment and Context of Leadership
Yvonne Parson-Jackson
University of Phoenix Online

When consideration is given to the overall success of today’s organizations, there are few things more important than leadership. The effectiveness of how today’s leadership lead through change has become a decisive factor for organizational sustainability in our current, tumultuous and transforming organizational environment (Bersin et al, 2011). According to Birchfield, (2011) the need to operate effectively and efficiently is vital to any organization, and is increasing exponentially as organizations evolve to meet the changing demands of the future. Over the past decade, increased recognition, acknowledgement and research has focused on the context of which leadership is developed for the 21st century, as it involves more than just developing individual leaders . This research paper will identify four major trends in the context of leadership. There will be a discussion of why these trends are significant as they pertain to the current business environment. There will also be a review of how these trends affect leadership, in addition to recommendations to approaches for leadership strategy. Globalization

Significance and Leadership Influences
A study conducted by Bernstein, (2009) concluded one of the most significant leadership trends is globalization, as companies everywhere are modifying business plans to expand internationally. In today’s environment, globalization is an ongoing process of interdependence and integration of economies, societies and culture. Terrell (2013) describes globalization as a multicultural, burgeoning hybrid of cultures in a borderless world – one of high chaos and continuous change as if it (the world) were a single entity. As a result of such, companies have to transition from hierarchical, top down leadership...
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