The Environement and It's Problems

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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The Environment and its problems

The environment is the place that surrounds us. It is a gift of nature and it is the natural world of water, land, air and change. The environment is what we call home. Did you know that every day the environment is somehow getting damaged or destroyed? There are many examples of environmental problems that affect our environment. E.g. global warming There are also several ways humans effect our environment. For example the removal of fish from the oceans and timber from tropical forests. There are so many new things to learn about the environment and so many ways to take action for our eco-system by protecting it, why wait? Impressed? Read on to learn about the environment and what you can do to protect it. Let’s get started! There are several environmental problems that we need to take action for. They all affect the world and harm the eco-system. Some of the environmental problems in the world are acid rain, air pollution, energy, global warming, hazardous waste, pollution, and smog. Some of these problems are man-made and some of these problems are natural disasters. Environmental pollution is the biggest problem on Earth today. It is true our trees are getting cut down rapidly and the earth is getting warmer but if pollution continues our earth will fell like a boiling desert or covered with seawater. There are three types of pollution which are air pollution, sound pollution and water pollution. Air pollution is when smog is in the air and it’s hard for us to breathe. Sound pollution is when there’s such a big noise by a vehicle that sometimes people lose their hearing. That is why we should walk or ride a bike anywhere close to where you are and a mile distance. Water pollution is when the water gets polluted with waste and chemicals There are also many politicians who have done something to help the environment. For example, Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore...
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