The Enrolled Nurse Scope of Practice: Course and Competencies

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The Enrolled Nurse scope of practice
Administration of Medicines
Course & Competencies
Important information for registered and enrolled nurses and midwives

Victorian Branch

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The Enrolled Nurse scope of practice

Administration of Medicines
Course & Competencies Important information for registered and enrolled nurses and midwives.

This publication is produced by Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) to assist registered, enrolled nurses and midwives understand the scope of practice of enrolled nurses, with particular reference to administration of medications. The information contained in this document is intended as guidance and is not a substitute for proper legal advice. Financial members of the Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) are able to access legal advice as a membership entitlement. Further information is also available on the NMBA website:

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In accordance with changes associated with the shift to national registration, in effect since July 2010, medication endorsement is no longer displayed on an enrolled nurse’s registration. Instead, the public register identifies where an enrolled nurse is unable to administer medicine as part of their scope of practice. 1 It is assumed by the NMBA that: • enrolled nurses graduating from approved pre-enrolment courses run after 2008 have completed the relevant medicine administration units of competence from the national Health Training Package (HTP); and, enrolled nurses graduating from the Diploma of Nursing after 2010 will achieve the relevant education units of competence for administering medicine.

In Victoria, prior to the introduction of the national registration scheme, there were several training programs in the administration of medicine available to enrolled nurses. Completion of the associated units of competency enabled enrolled nurses to expand their scope of practice. This resulted in Victorian enrolled nurses having an endorsement to administer medicines placed on their practising certificate. This endorsement notation no longer appears on the registration papers of endorsed enrolled nurses. In jurisdictions other than Victoria the completion of units of competence in administration of medicine may not have resulted in an ‘endorsement’ on the individual nurse’s qualification. Rather, the scope of practice and administration of medicine was an employment matter. The NMBA has stated they will allow those enrolled nurses to continue administering medications. As of July 2010 only Board-approved programs are recognised. The Board will consider programs recognised by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) Ltd for approval .2 It is the stated intention of the NMBA that all enrolled nurses practising in Australia will, as part of their educational program, have undertaken the relevant units of study enabling them to administer medications safely.3 NB: Mothercraft nurses (including Division 5 nurses in Victoria) will transition to enrolled nurse with a condition next to their name, limiting their practice to mothercraft nursing.

1 NMBA 2010 Explanatory Notes: Enrolled nurses and medicine administration, 2 NMBA 2010 Explanatory Notes: Enrolled nurses and medicine administration,...
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