The Enrique Camrena Case

Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: November 23, 2010
Lorice McKenzie 9/18/10 Mr.Izarry Forensic Sci.

The Enrique Camarena case

When I read the article I thought of how the evidence played such a big role in the case of Enrique. Even though the Mexican police did all they can to destroy all of the evidence FBI agents were able to use limited evidence to bring Enrique’s killers to justice. The MFJP tried to destroy the obvious evidence but it wasn’t enough because they were found out. This article was about when the FBI forensic team went to Mexico to investigate the murder of Enrique Camarena. The area in which Enrique’s body was found was ruined because the crime scene was not controlled it was ruined by onlookers and policemen. They were able to determine with latent printing that the body was Enrique Camarena’s. The bag the body was found in had soil on it which was taken in samples later on the forensics concluded that the bodies had been buried elsewhere and that the MFJP had something to do with the kidnapping of Enrique. They located the car that was used to kidnap Enrique and found out the car came from a dealership that belonged to a MFJP member the vehicle was processed for trace evidence. The car was hidden in a brick building in Guadalajara which was found to be the residence of the guest house that Enrique was tortured in. They were able to search the house and grounds where the MFJP officials were; which they weren’t allowed to do until a MFJP forensic removed the obvious evidence. The fact that in the residence paint was used and it being cleaned gave it away that the MFJP were hiding something. The forensic team searched every area of the grounds and took trace evidence from the guest house where they believed that Enrique was held which they processed...
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