The Enjoyment of Television Violence

Topics: Kill Bill, Violence, Media violence research Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: May 21, 2013
A Critique of Andrew J. Weaver’s
“The Enjoyment Of Television Violence.”
Violence is the one of the most fun things to watch is an article written by Andrew J Weaver, that talks about the violence on Television and it’s implication on the environment. Weaver’s believes violence on Television is used to attract consumers, which increases the crime rate in the Nation because violence on Television is easy to remember. I think Weaver might be right about violent attracting consumer but I don’t think it’s the cause of increase crime rate. In accordance to Weaver; the film “Kill Bill Vol One & Two” by Quinton Tarantino net the grossed of $330,000,000 at the box office worldwide ( because of its violence content, that contain graphic violence, for the blood that “splatters and spurts and rises in fountains so baroque and luxuriant that there are moments when it seems as if it were raining red. Weaver; thinks violent movies such as "Kill Bill" often draws relatively large audience and is so widely held that violence in entertainment content today is the rule rather than the exception. He also emphasizes that some audience now practice some of the violent act they see on Television. In line with Weaver’s article that seems to inform audience about the effect of violence on Television, and how consumers react to violence on Television. I think Weaver’s information is not to the fullest because a lot of audience which they are the heroes in every movie, so with that thinking I do not think audience that wants to become a hero will go forward to commit real crime. Also, Weaver’s theory is inadequate for not differentiating how violent and non-violent movies attract consumers.

Thus, violence on Television might seems to be getting too far or rule that market in times, of what consumers want but it’s clearly not the reason for the increased crime rate. Also, I do not agree with Weaver’s point of view regarding...
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