The English Renaissance

Topics: Henry VIII of England, England, Charles I of England Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The English Renaissance was a transition from the Medieval Middle Ages to the modern world. The word renaissance originates from the French word for rebirth. During the renaissance art, literature, and philosophies were influenced by those of the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The end of the Battle of Bosworth marked the beginning of the renaissance and the ascension of King Henry VII. Henry won the throne through the victory against Richard III. Henry VII also marked the last of the monarchy who gained the crown through means of bloodshed. It was under his ruling that the feudal system was abolished. The feudal system was a social organization that was based upon the ownership of land and the relations to those who owned such land. He also created a judicial system that was based on a system of law. Another thing he created was the English Navy. As far as commerce goes, Henry implemented the Navigation Act of 1489. This act stated that if English ships were available then English merchants were not permitted to load their goods onto foreign ships. Also a national army was created to centralize control over the military. Henry wished to end the noble’s power to make their own little war. He decided it was time to create a Navy. Henry VII was a supporter of the arts. He had some knowledge of the Classics, which in result encouraged others to embrace the Renaissance learning. Oxford and Cambridge soon became the education center of England. By the time of his death in 1509 King Henry VII, England was a solid foundation.

Henry VIII, the heir of Henry VII, brought the country religious unrest. At the beginning of his time in power he married Catherine of Aragon. Catherine was the daughter of the Pope. Catherine bore six children, but only one of which survived infancy, Mary I soon to be queen of England. Because he was not given a son to succeed him, Henry VIII wished to divorce Catherine. The Pope, however, wouldn’t allow it. He made many excuses to...
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