The English Civil War: Did Money Play a Role?

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  • Published: November 2, 2010
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The English Civil War: Did Money Play a Role?

Money. Dosh. Dough. Cash. Breaks hearts. Splits families. Ruins countries. Puts people on streets. Makes wars, civil wars. Even back in 1642….. Or did it? That is exactly the question that, within the next pages, I aim to answer. So, let’s cast our minds to roughly 1500-1650. Parliament had been going on for the good part of 300 years but it definitely wasn’t the same powerful one we see today as back then, the monarch still controlled virtually all matters, including when the parliament and what they are aloud or not aloud to do. This didn’t make any friction between the monarch and the parliament, but now the monarch had people and places to go to in times of need. The only problem however, is that some monarchs, like Queen Elizabeth, have problems with Parliament, which causes arguments and turns people against each other, ending in catastrophic results. Of course, the monarch was still in the stronger position for obvious reasons but one thing that pegged the monarchs back, and it happens to be a big problem, is that when a monarch is in need of money, his or hers first port of call is to raise or make taxes, giving the monarch that much needed money. The parliament, however, were the voices of the people also, meaning that if the monarch willed to impose taxes, they’d have to get past them first. So, even though the monarch and parliament had their problems, they’d still get past things, we’d have no civil war, and this assessment would be all but over. Sadly, this isn’t the case because after Elizabeth had died, there was no real suitable heir to the throne in any way except her cousin James of Scotland, which meant the Tudor era was over and, ironically, the English had to turn to the King of the “pesky” Scots, whom they had been trying to take over for so long. Mainly, on his travels south, he brought with him 2 problems; money and pride. The first was quite a simple concept but on that...
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