The End of Race

Topics: Ethnic group, Race and Ethnicity, United States Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Journalist Steve Olson expresses his views of racial and cultural identity in The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples. The belief of a complete end to race is absurd to many, but Olson states “When we look at another person, we won’t think Asian, black, or white. We’ll just think: person.” (Olson p.261) Ultimately cultures will never die, we will always have an individual race with different backgrounds and heritages, but the global mindset of judging and categorizing people in groups based on their outward appearance will soon come to an end.Generally, when race is the topic, immediately what comes to mind is the skin tone of a particular person, or certain facial characteristics they might have. However, the Bible tells us that we are descendents from Adam and Eve; that On the top of everybody’s family trees these two stand. Scientists believe we all originated from Africa and philosopher Charles Darwin concluded, that we all evolved from primates into human form, yet race still persists in almost everyone’s eyes. The world has already developed a solid perspective long ago of external differences that distinguish race; the color of your skin, the texture and style of your hair, the type of clothing you wear, and even the way you speak. “Many of the harshest conflicts in the world today are between people who are physically indistinguishable. If someone took a room full of Palestinians and Israelis from the Middle East….gave them all identical outfits and haircut, and forbade them to speak or gesture, no one could distinguish the members of the other group.” (Olson p.252) Society has created a belief that you should dislike anyone that isn’t

just as yourself, and this has gone worldwide creating turmoil, violence, and war amongst different neighboring countries! It’s amazing how ethnicities with minor differences have developed hate towards each other over time. However, the United States and some other countries are trying to stop such wars and...
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