The End of Privacy

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Daniel Trejo
English 1301

Threatening Privacy
Nowadays is hard or practically impossible for someone to keep something secret that you just do not want people to know because it is something personal. Anybody can access most or almost all of your information by simply searching it on the internet. It may not be something important to a lot of people because they do not really think deep about it but it is something that people should be concern about. Is it really “The End of Privacy?”? Or is there something we can do about it and stop the spread of our private information.

Due to more people having technology like cell phone cameras, audio recorders, and other recording technologies it is easier for them to record private details about themselves. These people may later regret about doing such thing because what they recorded may end up on the internet for the whole world to see. Like what happened to the “Star Wars Kid,” who “videotaped himself waving around a golf-ball retriever while pretending it was a light stabber” (385). Insignificant things like this can destroy your reputation even your entire life. People suggest that if you find yourself in a situation like this there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. It would be better if people just would not record themselves doing such things to avoid the same thing happening to you.

Social-networking sites and blogs also threat our privacy with people not even knowing that these web sites keep and spread their private information with others. Daniel J. Solove calls the people growing up today “Generation Google,” because all of their personal and private information will reside on the internet forever (386). Nowadays most people have their own web sites such as Facebook and Twitter making it easier for others to see and know more about your personal information. Web sites like these spread your personal information with other web sites without people even knowing it, thinking that their...
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