The End of Men

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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The End of Men

In a modern society, it seems like no people worry about what gender their kids are. If you remember, it's not a long time ago since historical clashes have been seen, because of so many parents' preference for man. Men have always been seen as the strongest gender since the beginning of mankind, it's a fact we know straight from scriptures, laws and myths. Numbers of women have laid down their lives because of the dominating power men always had. “The End of Men“, an article by Hanna Rosin, The Atlantic, July/August 2010 is focusing on the balance of power between genders. Already from the start Rosin attracts attention with the title: “The End of Men“. It's an overwhelming and fascinating title and that's just the ticket. From the beginning the article gives food for thought. Rosin begins the article asking the question: “What if modern, post-industrial society is simply better suited to women?“ So from the beginning you see that she engages the reader all the time asking questions. This implies that you as a reader throughout the article make up your opinion about what you are told. A report is saying that women are becoming the majority of the workforce and that most managers are now women too, and that is not all, because the report is also saying that for every two men who gets a college degree this year, three women are doing the same. Rosin is very convincing because she makes use of facts and numbers. These facts will have big cultural consequences which she clearly points out: the balance power between the genders will change. In this modern post-industrial society people now get the opportunity to choose the sex of their child. Most people choose to get a girl because the opinion about the fact that girls do better than boys. But why? Rosin seem to know the answer to that question.

“The reasons behind this shift are obvious. As thinking and communicating have come to eclipse physical strength and stamina as the keys to...
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