The End of Men

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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The End of Men

Throughout the last decades, or more precisely, the last millennium, women have fought for equality, in many different ways. While women have fought fore there rights, men have just followed in the previous men’s footsteps, and in that way, automatically been in charge, just because they were born with the male gender. It’s been that way, since the earth was created. In 1920 women was entitled to vote in UK and in Denmark in 1915, and since those years, women have slowly climbed their way up the ladder. The speculations are; are women and men equal now? Or are men still more “powerful” than women? Or are women more “powerful” than men now? In Hanna Rosin’s article “The End of Men”, published in The Atlantic 2010, she describes how the development of women taking over most of the jobs, not is unexpected. So Hanna Rosin inclines to the fact, that women soon will be more powerful than men – with other words; a role reversal is going to appear. But where exactly is the women place on the ladder now?

Hanna Rosin is the sender and the author of this article. And the receivers are all the readers of the newspaper - both women and men. Rosins superiors, is to engage the reader, so therefore she writes in a specific way and uses methods, to catch and engage a broad reader-audience. She writes in an easy understandable language, which also invites the reader. And she asks the reader questions, which indicates the reader to get dedicated to the topic and the article. She uses pathos, because she supports her statements with numbers. And she’s very sharp on the development, which affect the reader, I such way, that Rosin convince the reader that she’s right about this topic. Once you have started reading the article, you’ll probably find it hard to stop, because the topic is something that is relevant and catching for almost everybody.

Hanna Rosin starts the article, by mentioning that this role reversal is occurring because of the fact, that...
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