The End of Men

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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The End of Men
In her article ”The End of Men” Hanna Rosin writes about how women are taking over the control, and how they outmatch men in both school, at the labour market and even sexually. Men have been in charge since the early ages of history and women have always been the submissive ones serving the men. And this is not strange considering how, for example the bible, portray women. - Eve had to be created from Adam’s rib.

But woman has trough many years fought for equal rights and have now climbed up the hierarchy-ladder to end up even more powerful than men, in Hanna Rosin’s opinion. She is not just a feminist writing a report on how amazing woman are, she is building her article on interviews and numbers, which makes it more trustworthy. In the 1970s Ronald Ericsson, an acknowledged biologist came up with the idea that people should be able to choose the gender of their children. He found a way to do this. Since ancient times parents (mostly fathers) have resorted to extreme methods, in an effort to produce sons, so Ericsson was convinced that people would primarily use his method to get boy-babies. But he was wrong, and to his astonishment he discovered twenty years later that there was a higher request on girls. The reason for this is simple, and well explained by Ericsson himself; “Women live longer than men. They do better in this economy. More of ‘em graduate from college. They go into space and to everything men do, and sometimes they do it a whole lot better. I mean, hell, get out of the way – these females are going to leave us males in the dust.” The reason for this could very well be that women fell like they have a lot to prove as opposed to men, who have always been “the bosses”. This easily leads to an upheaval in the roles of men and women, simply because the woman works harder on proving that they are just as capable to create a career as men. They are more motivated because of the former male dominance – which now seems to be gone....
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