The End Justifies the Means

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  • Published : April 2, 2007
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Philosophy Assignment – The Last Days of Socrates

Question/Answer Essay

In Plato's apology: The trial of Socrates, Socrates is convicted by a great and many crimes. Through these blames Socrates comes up with different ways of countering the assumptions cast upon in his defense. In turn, through his defense Socrates makes some very strong points that revolve around the aspect of truth, re-phrasing questions and outlining the respect people should give to one another. Through this, Socrates makes his point clearer, and shares his wisdom to the people my making it clear that everyone has been misunderstood. Firstly, Socrates is accused of being the wisest man in all of Greece; he has referred to as being "eloquent". Socrates is accused of being a ‘villainous misleader of youth' and, Socrates is put to blame by living an ashamed life full of misleading and false truths.

Socrates is accused of being the wisest man in all of Greece, and is refereed to as someone who is "eloquent" perhaps even a Sophist. In his defense Socrates states that if he can find a man wiser than him, then he could refute this to the oracle. However, Socrates confronts a man who has a reputation of wisdom and through observation Socrates realizes that this man is not wise and only believes himself to be. Therefore, Socrates states that this man of wisdom is in fact a liar and to Socrates; he neither knows nor thinks that he knows the fact of being the wisest. Therefore, it is not Socrates who makes himself out to be the wisest but puts into perspective on why Socrates should be blamed for this incident, when there are people out their who believe that they are the wisest while Socrates doesn't say anything like this at all.

Socrates is accused of misleading the youth, and perhaps under developed minds however, in his defense he basically states that if someone asked you what I have said or done wrong that, that person would be silenced. Furthermore, Socrates states that the...
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