The Emperors Club, Ethics

Topics: Ancient Rome, Ethics, Mark Antony Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: January 28, 2011
Ethics is a very difficult word to define. In a dictionary, ethics might be defined as the study of standards of right and wrong. Ethics can be viewed as the way to lead a good life. In the film The Emperors Club there are incidents of fairness, lack of fairness, and lack of respect.

First, when viewing The Emperors Club one can see many incidents of fairness. One incident where someone could see fairness is at the end of the film when Mr. Hundert confronted Martin to tell him he had switched his and Sedgewick Bell's names for the Julius Caesar contest. Another time fairness is showed is when the boys went to Saint Mary's school on the boat and were punished by Mr. Hundert. This was fair because the boys broke the rules and deserved to be punished for it. Fairness is showed in many different ways in The Emperors Club.

Besides fairness, one can also view incidents involving lack of fairness in the film. One example of lack of fairness that is shown is when Mr. Hundert changed Sedgewick Bell's grade from an A- to an A+, making him in the top three for the Julius Caesar contest instead of Martin. This showed a lack of fairness because Martin had earned his spot in the contest, where as Sedgewick did not. Another example where a lack of fairness is shown is towards the end of the film when Sedgewick gathers everyone at his companies resort. He told everyone that it was a gathering for a rematch for the spot of Julius Caesar, but really it was just a ploy to help him gather people to vote for him to be Senator. Although these are just a couple of examples, lack of fairness is shown very often in The Emperor's Club.

Along with fairness and lack of fairness, a lack of respect is obvious in the film. One example of a lack of respect was the way that Sedgewick acted when he walked into Mr. Hundert's classroom for the first time. He was acting extremely rude and he was making fun of the togas that Mr. Hundert had his students wear. Another way a lack of respect is...
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