The Emperor's Club

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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GENRE: Drama
DIRECTOR: Michael Hoffman
Emile Hirsch – In the movie The Emperor’s Club, Emile Hirsch is Sedgewick Bell, a new student of St. Benedict’s Academy who is rebellious. His attitude caught the attention of his classmates, even his professor, which made his class like him. Kevin Kline – In this movie, Kevin Kline is William Hundert who is a History, specifically Classics, teacher of Sedgewick Bell. William Hundert will soon be the one who will upbring the character of Sedgewick.

Paul Dano – He acts as Martyn Blythe, classmate of Sedgewick. Rishi Mehta – He acts as Deepak Mehta, also a classmate of Sedgewick. Jesse Eisenberg – He acts as Louis Masoudi, a classmate of Sedgewick also. Harris Yulin – He acts as Senator Bell, the father of Sedgewick.

As the school year starts, William Hundert , who is a History and Classics teacher at St. Benedict’s Academy, enthusiastically started his first day of teaching of the school year. He teaches strict yet the students are inspired with what he says and what he teaches. Everyone was respecting him until the time came a new student, Sedgewick Bell, a rebellious type of person who doesn’t like to study. All he likes is to enjoy his life.

This rebellious type of attitude caught the attention of the most of his classmates. Sedgewick Bell influenced his classmates, Louis Masoudi, Martin Blythe and Deepak Mehta, by lending pornographic materials and by skinny dipping. These acts, which were reported to the school authorities, made Sedgewick to be in probation. Mr. Hundert arranged a meeting to the father of Sedgewick, Senator Bell. Knowing that the father of Sedgewick does not care to the character development of his son, the headmaster of the academy advised Mr. Hundert to also upbring the character of Sedgewick.

Mr. Hundert tried all his best to upbring the character of Sedgewick. He...
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