The Emperor's Club

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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This was the paper I passed for the movie "The Emperor's Club" for Teaching Professions class last semester. Haha! Enjoy? :)))

Mr. William Hundert was a promising teacher who was quite possibly the next headmaster for St. Benedict’s School for boys. Mr. Hundert taught the classics and served as moderator for the yearly Mr. Julius Cesar competition. On the first day of class, he tells his students that “Great ambition without contribution is without significance,” taking Shutruk Nakhunte’s life as a virtually unknown conqueror because of his lack of contribution as an example. Upon his arrival at St. Benedict’s, Sedgewick Bell, the son of the senator, showed no interest or care in the classics and preferred to spend his time with other matters. He was a particularly bright student who showed potential for greatness. However; his hesitance to study like the rest of his peers did started to influence his classmates negatively and this is something that Mr. Hundert wanted to prevent from happening. It eventually became evident that Sedgewick had no interest whatsoever in Mr. Hundert’s class but he saw a possibility of greatness in Sedgewick that the other students lacked. The boy’s behavior in class changed when he finally felt someone believe in him and actually care about him like his teacher did. He became insistent to prove his worth and showed Mr. Hundert that he was right to believe in him the way he did. Of course, Mr. Hundert was excited about the progress he was seeing in Sedgewick and in his students that he felt bad when he saw Sedgewick did not do enough to participate in the Mr. Julius Cesar contest. He then changed the grades he gave Sedgewick, just enough for him to make the cut for the contest instead of his classmate, Martin Blythe. Sedgewick cheats in the competition and Mr. Hundert is forced to throw him a curveball question that he would only know if he had actually been listening in class. Sedgewick loses the competition along with his...
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