The Emotional Effects of War on Soldiers

The Emotional effects of war on soldiers.

Manali Oak describes war as "a manifestation of death and destruction". “The Hurt Locker” aptly captures the above definition of war. It is one of the best movie releases of the year 2009 and by the trends; it continues generating a lot of hype for quite sometime (Manali O). Personally, I couldn't get enough of watching the scenes over and over again, as I kept asking myself, "Is this exactly what is happening in Iraq? Are these soldiers really encountering these tragic and ghastly moments?" The movie is based on the personal experiences of journalist Mark Boal who compiled his personal war experiences and formed them into a fictional story, packed with real facts from real war. The picture opens with a quote from Chris Hedge's 2002 best seller "War is a force that gives us meaning"; “the rush of battle is potent and often lethal addiction for war is drugs", and we all know what drugs do to men. It destroys them mentally, spiritually, socially and financially. War also destroys men in the same fashion and we are going to see how veterans are affected by the combat experience. The film depicts humanity’s obsession with wars and like an alcoholic, one starts deriving pleasure from being in combat. The Hurt locker presents the conflict in Iraq in a very real way to us, especially how combat impacts the life of members of United States Army explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team. Furthermore, the film is centered on a series of missions undertaken by the squad, but it’s not so much character driven. Venturing deep into the most violent zone in the entire war, we can understand how the steady proximity to booms and blast impact the squad. There is an existence filled with fear, tension, anxiety but also moments of courage and mind blowing excitement. The amount of risk involved is big, as this is a team of elite soldiers who precedes others, diffusing bombs and land mines, thus in essence they literally...
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