The Emergence of China and India and the Impact on the United States

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  • Published : September 10, 2010
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The emergence of China and India and the impact on the United States Tracy Davis

|General Purpose: |To argue a position | |Specific Purpose: |To argue the position that globalization is creating a level playing field between the | | |east and the west. | |Central Idea: |The emergence of China and India’s third world economies due to trade and investment and| | |the costs and benefits to the United States. |

1. Economies
Government planned economy-Communism
Market Economy- Capitalism
a. China has changed its economy to a market economy while retaining the . political authoritarian government. b. India has a market economy and a democratic government c. The United States practices and reaps the benefits and costs of a market based economy.

2. Trade
a. The World Trade Organization was established in 1990. Communism had collapsed and capitalism spearheaded by the United States encouraged nations to join and establish a global trading community b. At last count, the U.S. trade gap with China for 2008 was running at an annualized $717.1 billion versus the $700.3 billion in all of 2007, based on U.S. Commerce Department numbers. The deficit August figure was $25.3 billion, the second highest monthly total ever. c. India has set a target of $200 billion in exports for the current fiscal year ending March 31, up from $155.5 billion reported for 2007-08, and is aiming for a 5-percent share in global...
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