The Embodiment of the Marine Corps’ History and Traditions Portrayed in the Modern Nco.

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Non-commissioned officer, Corporal Pages: 1 (451 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The modern Marine Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) is the embodiment of the Marine Corps history tradition for several reasons. Some of the reasons are because NCO’s are taught to follow the traditions of the past. They know that trust and respect is equally important from both the NCO to his subordinates, and from his subordinates. They also still have the same responsibility as they did in the past. There are more reasons but these are the ones I chose to talk about because I’ve noticed them the most. NCOs still follow the traditions of the past. When a lance corporal gets promoted to a corporal he gets his blood stripe, which is a tradition that make them feel closer to the Marine Corp. They also get the right to use the NCO sword. From so many young Marines, I’ve heard the desire to be able to use the sword. Also the NCO belt for the dress blues is something most Marines can’t wait to earn. To some people (non-marines) these things may seem insignificant but they take pride and feel more a part of our Corps because we know the history of these traditions. The second reason is trust and respect. Not just from the subordinate but from the NCOs themselves. Trust and respect go together because there has been occasions when someone trusts a person, but has no respect for them. A Marine NCO has to trust and be trusted because they are the ones that are going to lead and work with the younger Marines. Subordinates should trust their NCOs to take care of them when they have a problem and NCOs should trust the subordinates will not skip chain-of-command. If trust is not there, it’s probably because of lack of respect. Trust makes small-unit leadership work, and small-unit leadership is one thing that’s always been big in our Marine Corps history and will always set us apart from everyone else. Lastly marine NCOs still have the same responsibilities they did in the past. Like it was stated before, small-unit leadership is big for Marines. NCOs have always had the...
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