The Elizabethan Lemon Cakes Cultural Backround

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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The period recipe is Elizabethan; it results in deliciously dense lemon poppy-seed cakes with sweet lemony glaze. Although these cakes have a heavier consistency than the modern ones, they go down easily to easily. Since most of the lemon flavor seems to bake out of the cakes. The cultural significance of this dish, is traced back in the Elizabethan times from 1558 – 1603. This dish was very popular, and very tasty to the people of England. It was popular in parties, carnivals, and festivals. Falling somewhere between cakes and cookies, these chewy lemon delights are both addictive and easy to make. They have an elegant simplicity and a delicate sweetness that renders them the ideal companions for afternoon tea, whether in London or King’s Landing. In this current time period, in this 21st century, the lemon cakes required more work, and more steps to make the cakes more tasty, I should say. This time, the cakes have to be inside the oven for 30 minutes, instead of 15 minutes. The lemon cakes, now, are being made with baking soda, milk, and vanilla extract. Back then, in the Elizabethan time, all they had was margarine, flour, and milk that was not pasteurized. The icing is also new, to the Elizabethan lemon cakes. The ingredients, for the icing are confectioners’ sugar, milk, and food coloring. The icing is optional, because the icing is already sweet, and I don’t think it’s necessary to put it on the lemon cakes, especially when you’re not a sweet person.
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