The Elements of Persuasion

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1.The Elements of Persuasion:
Use Storytelling to Pitch Better, Sell Faster & Win More Business.
Are you seeking a new way to increase sales? Richard Maxwell and Robert Dickman explain in their book, The Elements of Persuasion: “Use Storytelling to Pitch Better, Sell Faster & Win More Business”, the secrets of selling and present how salesmen can make a fascinating story to convince.

In chapter one, we learn the 5 elements ( PHAAT) inherent in all compelling stories: Passion (the energy of delivery and emotions expressed), Hero (provide a point of view and engages the audience), Antagonist (obstacles that need to be overcome), Awareness (opportunity to learn from story) and Transformation (the happy ending).

Storytelling techniques can be used as well within the corporate communication because of the five following reasons:1. Contagious, 2. Scalable, 3.Build team loyalty,4. Connection to human condition, 5. Passion.

The second parts deals with personal persuasion and how passion is the “fire in the belly”. Having one story personal offers two advantages. On the one hand, personal stories are easy to remember because as illustrative examples, they narrow down the big picture to one special practical case. On the other hand, personal stories pitched with affections increase the audience sympathy as the pitcher becomes one of them.

The Hero of the story guarantees trust within the audience. According to the authors, the hero helps define markets and territories. Heroes of almost all old stories were kings and founders of nations. They possess common values and qualities: justice and equality, consistency and standing by principles, improvising in hopeless situations and the list goes on. Two modern day examples of heroes are: real estate developer Warren Buffet, and Colonel Sanders, the founder of the KFC fast food chain restaurants.

The authors then take us through the other elements:
The Antagonist represents the heart of the story; it is the...
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