The Electronic Products in Students' Life

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The electronic products in students’ life
-----------------Polling report about students’ use of the electronic products

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The electronic products have been an inevitable part of my generation’s life. While they aid us in learning, they also distract us. This report is for a poll which tried to figure out how many time the students spend in mobile phones and computers. The data well greatly help in showing the time my generation waste in our life.

As a senior student in high school, the increasing study pressure increases my stress load. Burning the midnight train is very ordinary fare for me. So during the day time , tired always bother me . Over time, the vicious circle is formed. I tried to find out the root of all. It’s little surprise that my phone and computer are the “criminal”. Longer time I spend on them, lower efficiency I got in my homework. Receiving the same problem from my friends, I realize this is a widespread phenomenon. And it’s worthy to make a poll for it. Students in 11th grade are the people who filling this poll.

From the graph, 55.56% of students in 11th grade spend more than 5hours on the electronic products each day .
From the graph, 66.67% of the students in 11th grade spend more than 2hours on the computers everyday. Nobody spends less than 1 hour on the computer.

From the graph, 44.44% of the students use their phones for 1hour each day .

According to the records, everyone who went to the poll spends more than 5 hours in the use of the electronic products. Time spend...
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