The Eighth Juror

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“12 Angry Men”
In the Film “12 Angry Men” Aristotelian rhetoric was used by the jury members to make a case for the accused. The eighth juror was the one to shed light on this case. He did so by using two of the three rhetoric styles. Juror eight used Pathos to convince one other jury member by stating that just because he grew up in the slums doesn’t mean the accused did it. He gained the sympathy of the jury member who had come from the same background and made something of himself.

The same juror member then used logos to per sway the others. He did this by using mean different cases. Some examples of the cases used would be, when he talked about how the old man you lived below the accused could not have seen the boy leave the scene of the crime, because he could not of been at the door of his apartment in the ten second s between the noise and him supposedly leaving. This is due to the fact the old man has a limp leg that he drags across the floor when he walks. He proved the old man could not have gotten to the door because it would have taken 44.5 seconds to get from the bed to the door.

Another Example of Logos used would be about the woman seeing and hearing the crime from across the street. Juror eight proved this to be impossible by stating the following. First, the woman who claims to of seen the boy kill his father would have had to saw the act done through a train. Which right away rules out anyone hearing the act? Second, the woman wore glasses which suggest she already has bad vision, making it nearly impossible to see the boy through the window s of the passing train.
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