The Eight Skills of Effective Legal Studies

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Eight Skills of the effective legal EIGHT Skills of the effective legal studies student| Interview Final Project|
Final Interview and Reflection|
Ashley Walters|

Pages 1 and 2 are the original Interview questions submitted. Pages 3, 4, and 5 are the summary of my interview, and my reflection on this career choice. Page 6 is the notes that were taken during the interview process. There is no cited work because I used no outside sources.|

Ashley Walters
Professor Marie Abdel-Malek
LS100-11: Eight Skills of the Effective Legal Studies Student

Interview Project Proposal

Legal Professional Interviewee
Who: William D. Young IV, Attorney at Law. Mr. Young is a Criminal Defense Attorney practicing in the state of North Carolina. George T. Kelley III, Attorney at Law. Mr. Kelley is also a Criminal Defense Attorney Practicing in the state of North Carolina.

Why: I selected Mr. Young because he is a well-established Attorney that operates a practice not far from my current residence. Like me, he is from a small town and has worked his way up, becoming a distinguished attorney.

I selected Mr. Kelley for opposite reasons. He handles high profile cases and was a very difficult man to get in contact with since he was so busy. He comes from a wealthy family and is well educated in several areas of the law that fascinates me. Be sure to: Researching my interview questions was difficult because there are hundreds of questions that I could have asked being as I am so interested in this field. As a starter, I used “Google” to search for Criminal Law in North Carolina. This in turn, gave me a list of Attorneys. I then sorted them by relevance, location, and size. Again, using the same search engine, I looked these businesses up on the Better Business Bureau to see their client’s reviews. Of the list of Attorneys, I then chose the highest ranking two. I furthered this research by checking the accreditation of both Attorneys. To select my questions, I found areas of interest in each of their firms. Mr. Young, being a Criminal Lawyer, represents a majority of murder cases and I found that rather interesting. List of Potential Interview Questions

There are two types of questions that I will be asking during my interview. Some will be asking for personal views, and some will be solely about the career. The questions are as follows: Questions of a Personal Matter:

1)Why did you choose to be an Attorney?
2)Why did you choose Criminal Law amongst the many other choices in the field? 3)Do you have any regrets about choosing to practice the type of law you are practicing? 4)What do you find to be the most difficult part of being a Criminal Attorney? 5)What is the most interesting part of being a Criminal Attorney? 6)Do you find Criminal Law to be more challenging than or as equally challenging as other areas of law that are practiced? Questions of a Business Matter:

7)Given the change in the economy, have you noticed any change in the Law field? If yes, is it positive or negative? 8)How many cases do you normally handle in one months’ time? 9)How long have you been an attorney?

10)What types of licensing and certification do you currently have and which are required to work in the legal field holding your current stature? Education and Training
Licensing and Certification
Reasons for Choosing the Career

My main goal is to own my own law firm and specialize in Criminal law. In order for me to gain a better perspective on the goals that I have, I decided to interview the type of criminal attorney that I want to develop skills to be like. I interviewed Mr. William D. Young, Attorney at Law. Mr. Young is an attorney at his own private law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. He represents a number of high profile cases and specializes in murder cases. I found this extremely intriguing. Criminal law has always been something that I was interested in and until now, I always...
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