The Efficacy of Government Accounting Reforms

Topics: Nigeria, Ethnic group, Social class Pages: 10 (2999 words) Published: April 17, 2011


Using Nigeria as a focus, the research work was on the federal character, its deficiencies and its effects in the public service. The research work highlights the history of inequality in Nigeria, evolution of the quota system in order to give readers an insight into how educational imbalances religion and ethno cultural diversities has affected the quality of personnel recruited into the public service.

The population of this study is made up of total members of staff of the Nigerian civil service, out of which a sample size of hundred, were randomly selected, analysed and interpretations given there upon.

Findings from the research work indicated that indeed government is carrying out reforms in the public sector to reposition the public sector toward better service delivery by adopting entrepreneurial management facilities to improve efficiency and effectiveness in all spheres of government business.

It is therefore imperative for Nigerians to come together by way of sovereign national conference to address the national question (uneven development, marginalization of minor ethnic groups) and reach permanent compromises on the way they want the affairs of the country to be run

The resort to the ethnic or cultural question in the understanding of the crisis of nation-building is not peculiar to Nigeria. The crises in Yugoslavia, in Somalia, among the Oromo, in Casamance and many other parts of the world have been interpreted in ethnic terms. Yet, the impression is that the ethnic challenge is the biggest question we are yet to confront or address squarely is the newest question begging for answer today. The national question is the question about the social, economic and political survival of nations, or a nation state. It is the intricate, complex and multifaceted nature of the engaging manner of relationships between/amongst peoples, groups and interests: their ideational system, their systemic rooting and their multi-fold attempts to find solutions to their common problems. In this, they are bound by specific group interest, ideological claims, contestations, cultural values, or nurtured and nuanced norms. The national question may be a struggle to institutionalize those values and principles, or to subvert them. It all depends on the balance of forces. The national question arose in the context of the oppression of peoples, organized as nations, in bourgeois Europe up to the 17th century, and by the 18th and 19th centuries, new formulation of how to liberate these people arose. The people of the Slavic race suffered most in this regard. In the process of the oppression, the landlords used property relations, control over property, their dominant role in church and, the unity between church and state to dominate over the people. It was in this sense that the Lutheran revolution was seen as a significant and progressive development in Europe, especially in its call for the separation of the state from the church, which had become a moribund and very corrupt edifice. The First World War was a direct outcome of the national question- the inability to resolve the oppression of the Slavs in Austria-Hungary, and the imposition of the political domination of the Austrians. In post-independent Africa, the problems of ethnic domination and skewed political control has arisen as part of the crisis of nation-building, and this in turn resulted in disputes and separation or division of ethnic groups between two or more countries which in turn has led to crisis of irredentism, secession and civil wars. Quite often, the question of nation-building is formulated as a managerial issue rather than a complex issue of social and political organization.

In Nigeria today, the national question has been reduced to the nationalities question and this has further reduced to...
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