The Efficacy of an Argument Against Technology

Topics: Brain, Critical thinking, Mind Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Dawlyn Dieudonne
Professor Mattord
English 1101
5 December 2012
The Efficacy of an Argument Against Technology
In his online article, Nicholas Carr discusses technology and its effect on the human brain. He conducted in depth research on the brain and the way it responds to the use of technology. Carr makes the argument that despite its benefits, technology has an ultimately negative effect on the brain. He reports that through several studies, researchers have found that although the use of technology increases brain function, it also rewires the mind in a negative way. Professor Gary Small supports this fact saying “’more brain activity is not necessarily better brain activity’” (Paragraph 4). Carr uses the internet as a prime example of today’s common technology use and argues that, because of the constant shifts that are made when using the World Wide Web; the brain is being rewired and restructured to limit the amount of information that is taken in, causing a lack of critical thinking skills. His argument is firmly supported with a seemingly endless amount of factual information, professional opinions, research, and metaphorical devices. This constant use of logos is what makes Carr’s argument effective.

Throughout his article, Carr uses credible sources to defend his argument. He immediately starts off by introducing Gary Small, a Professor of psychiatry at UCLA. Carr describes in detail the position that Small holds on Internet and its effects on the brain and how it related to his own belief (Paragraph 1). According to Carr, the results of Smalls experiments proved that the constant use of Internet is in fact slowing down our minds. Carr’s use of a credible and educated professional set a strong and logical foundation to his argument. This use of logos appeal gives his audience tested evidence to match his own opinion.

Carr discusses the opinions of several professionals in his article. These opinions match that of his own, making his...
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