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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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The Multi Mix Way

A nourishing meal gives us energy and helps our bodies to be healthy. The simplest way of planning a nourishing meal is to choose a variety of foods from the six food groups.

You can also plan nourishing foods from four (4), three (3) or even two (2) groups.

We call this meal planning the multi mix way.
1. Start by selecting a food from the staple group
2. Depending on the number of mixes you want, add foods from the other groups.

A healthy 2 Mix
This is the most economical multi mix meal. However, it is only health if the food groups are carefully chosen. The best2 mixes are: 1. Staple (cereal) + Food from Animal
2. Staple (cereal) + Legumes
3. Ground provision + Food from Animal

Cereals are the best choice of staples in a two (2) mix. It has greater variety of nutrients than ground provision. If you use ground provision in a two (2) mix always try to serve with proteins.

A healthy 3 Mix
You can make a number of healthy mixes with foods from 3 groups. 1. Staple + Food from Animal + vegetable
2. Staple + Legumes + vegetables
3. Staple + Food from Animal + legumes

A Healthy 4 Mix
The four (4) mixes are made up of food from the four (4) food groups. Staple + food from Animal + Legumes + Vegetable

A word about the other food groups – fruits and fats
Are you wondering why fats were not included in the multi mix meal plan? Fat is already present in many foods. In addition we often add them to our meals as we cook.
Many people use fruit juices along with a meal or snack. It is good way of adding valuable vitamins to your diet.

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