The Effects of Video Games on Society

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The Effect of Video Games on Society
In the United States today, video games are a bigger part of society than they have ever been before. Over the last 30 years video games have been available for consumers to purchase. This particular form of entertainment is intriguing because it inspires someone to become one with the game’s script and pay constant attention to the game (Fritz 1). With 99% of boys and 94% of girls playing some form of computer, web, portable, or console based game system (Perkins-Gough 94); studies have shown that these video games can have positive and negative effects on the teenagers.

Perhaps the most positive way video games are being used these days are in the classroom. Video games challenge students to think and solve problems (Vlasak and Ranaldo 36). These educational games must take on an approach that involves gaming and must also be “fun.” Suggestive evidence includes that spatial visualization skills improve with video game playing. These skills are the ability to rotate mentally, manipulate and twist two and three dimensional objects. Students with a high degree of spatial visualization are high achievers in mathematics and science. Improving spatial visualization may have a corresponding effect on student mathematics (Dorman 133). Students these days are referred to as the Net generation. Their environment is saturated by media as they spend an average of 6.5 hours per day engaged with various types of media (Annetta 233). Creating educational games that are centered on human interaction is no easy task. Designing today’s educational video games includes blended motivation and self-regulated learning (Annetta 233). Educational games enable students to learn by doing, experience situations first-hand, and role-playing. “Gee (2003a) stated that the practice of learning a video game is an enculturation practice that involves not only learning the mechanics of game play, but learning how to negotiate the context...
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