The Effects of Twitter

Topics: Twitter, Sociology, Observation Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Kate Rohani
Professor Keogh
Intro to Sociology
20 September 2012
The Effects of Twitter Usage in America
In a material world like ours today, cultural expressions are crossing all borders and affecting traditions and customs of societies more and more. Many new innovations are introduced and carried all around the world, changing the ways people view things and the way they live. No matter how small, the inventions always have social consequences attached to them. All of these innovations are diffusing quickly from society to society. In the blink of an eye, the society next to you has been introduced to vast reserves of knowledge, from exploration to tourism and missionary work, to influences from mass media, and most importantly, the Internet. Technology in all of its forms has increased the speed and distribution of cultural fundamentals and diffusion. All culture, including American culture, has been changing thanks to a whole new range of media. Today media has a very powerful influence in the United States, making media consumers more aware than ever before. The creation of Twitter, Facebook, and News stations has allowed people to access information in seconds, which was difficult in the past. Mostly everyone today has access to the Internet, and without thinking about it, can quickly hear information that has travelled all around the world. Technology not only accelerates diffusion of scientific innovations, but also transmits the culture we live in. Twitter is a social media website where people can interact personally with one another. It is a way for people to openly share insight into their daily activity, relevant or not. We live in a world where we all want everything instantly, and Twitter allows us to access that. We also get access to important news quickly and easily. Also, it allows us to keep in touch and stay connected with people we might not see very often. With all the ways people are connected today, it is very easy...
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