The Effects of the Various States of Consciousness on Behavior

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  • Published : April 30, 2001
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Consciousness is the state or condition of being conscious. A sense of one's personal or collective identity, especially the complex of attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or a group. There are several different stages of consciousness. Waking consciousness, altered states of consciousness and sleep.

Waking consciousness is the mental state that includes moving and thinking, along with anything else done while we are awake and alert. Behavior during this period is as normal as it can be. Although behavior can differ from person to person, although most people go through the relatively same behavioral patterns. While awake, people go through feelings of happiness, depression, anger, and boredom, to name a few. These feelings can cause people to do different things and act differently than normal. For instance, happiness, caused by having something give them pleasure in some way, can cause people to smile more or be more kind to other people, like doing other things for people just to be nice, or giving presents and gifts to people. Depression is caused by bad, non-pleasurable things happening to you. While depressed, people may become distanced from their family and friends, not want to interact with other people, and even, in severe cases, hurt themselves and/or others, and even commit suicide. Many things cause anger and aggression also. They can be caused by the interaction with other people like family and peers, but also frustration, hot weather, physical pain, and even noise. While angry people may act overly aggressive, lash out at others, even loved ones, and also commit violent acts. Being bored can also cause people to act differently. While bored people may do things like act and think hastily and also commit crimes in hopes of satisfying their urge for fun and pleasure. All these feelings have different causes but most include interaction with people,...
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