The Effects of the Industrial Revolution

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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution began in the eighteenth century marking the transformation of economic power and productivity. Not only was there concentration on agriculture, as their main source of an economy, and started to concern themselves with commerce, trade, and exploration of new technologies. Working toward great financial success to make a profit. Even though the machinery was new the main power source was human labor. Production took place in homes and small workshops. The primary labor force was drawn specifically to the young, as the industrial revolution began in semi-normal locations. The effects of the Industrial revolution were harsh on children, and it made people feel like all they were good for was work, during this economic crisis the economic conditions were harsh.

During urban domesticity conditions children were less of an economic benefit and more of an economic burden. The families and the children that had to live threw this period did not see any economic or personal gain. Many children lost their families due to an insufficient economy poverty rates in. Families were forced to make irrational decision, giving up their children to go out and work at an early childhood. Children were used as cheap labor to earn their keep and received little to no pay. Children that were orphans were often used and treated worse than other children. With long and tough workdays that consisted of twelve to fourteen hours. Before labor laws were put into place countless accidents occurred. Many companies thought that using children were the best source of workers. Children were used as cheap labor to earn their keep. With their small bodies they were able to move around the chimneys and clean them well. The machines burned lots of fuel to operate which caused an increase of pollution. The soot was constantly in their clothes and hair and it was a way of living for them. Not knowing that they were breathing this...
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