The Effects of Text Messaging to 2nd Year Students Spelling Skills.

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Pasig Catholic College
High School Department
S.Y. 2012-2013

PCC@100- Ablaze in Mission

Effects of Text Messaging to 2nd Year Students, Spelling Skills

Submitted by:

Maria Renee Khatrina P. Perey
Gabrielle Vellia Buñales
II- Diocese of Lucena

Submitted to:

Ms. Eden Grace C. Irag

The Effects of Text Messaging to 2nd Year Students Spelling Skills.

Thesis Statement
There are many cell phones in the world and people use it to text and call others. However, the students that the researchers interview spent 1-2 hours texting. If students have a lot of time texting their spelling skills will be affected.

I .Definition of Text Messaging
II. Different Causes of Text Messaging
III. Effects of Text Messaging
IV. Advantages of Text Messaging
V. Disadvantages of Text Messaging
VI. Conclusion
VII. Bibliography

I. Definition of Text Messaging
The word text messaging Latin word “textus” that mean technical and “misssaticum” According to the Merriam-Webster, text messaging is the sending of messages electronically from one cell phone to another cell phone. Text is a printed work. Message means a communication in writing or signals. According to Wikipedia that text messaging is an act of typing and sending an electronic message in two or more mobile phones. The sender of a text message is called a texter. So in 2nd year are texter, they text their parents, friends and family even their boyfriend or girlfriend they text it. It is also said that text messaging is use to interact with automated systems.
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