The Effects of Television Toward Issue Involvement of Ab Students in Dwcc Sy 2009- 2010

Topics: Mass media, Persuasion, Media influence Pages: 5 (1414 words) Published: December 11, 2012
The Effects of Television Toward Issue Involvement of
AB Students in DWCC
SY 2009- 2010

Conceptual Framework
Below is a schematic diagram of the conceptual framework.

Based on the theories presented, the researcher comes up with the conceptual framework showing an Independent Variable and a Dependent Variable. The IV is the commonly watched tv programs that indicate the appeal used by certain tv programs, whether it is informative or entertaining. The DV of the study is the issue involvement in terms of cognitive responding. The cognitive responses are classified into favorable cognitive responses and unfavorable cognitive responses, respectively. These cognitive responses will serve as the indicators of the extent to which the participants are involve in the issues presented by mass media. Favorable cognitive responses lead to favorable attitude change and unfavorable cognitive responses lead to unfavorable attitude change. The one headed arrow from the IV pointing to the DV indicates a possible effect of the tv programs watched to the issue involvement of the students.

Respondents of the Study

The researcher will use purposive sampling selecting all the AB students including the B.S Criminology students. They will be asked to answer a questionnaire regarding the study. They are second semester students of Divine Word College of Calapan for S.Y. 2009-2010.

Chapter I
The Problem and Its Background


The innovation going on in the world of mass media has become an enduring concept to everyone in the contemporary time. Apparently more and more people consider the media a good tool for persuasive communication. The mass media is a descriptive title referring to methods of communication that reach large groups of people instantly and effectively. Various media in which persuasive communication can be transmitted include: electronic media (television), print (newspapers, magazines, and books), audio (radio, telephone) or internet (e-mail, blog) to name a few. These media provide us with the access to a huge pool of common information and experience we all share. Among these media, the electronic media, specifically the television has certain advantages that make it a good vehicle for persuasive messages. Because of the power of pervasiveness of electronic media, receivers become vulnerable to mass persuasion through appeals to shared information and experience. Each of us is part of a mass target for advertisers, politicians, religious spokespersons, demagogues and other persuaders. The electronic technology not only provides people with this vast store of cultural icons; but it also shapes the way they think about things, even abstract things. Looking at the mass media, especially electronic media could lead to several common threads that run through the literature on the effects of mass media and offer another explanation for persuasion. The common themes in mass media effects are: 1) that by sharing a common pool of experience, people become vulnerable to distortion and propaganda, 2) that people are selective about the media messages that they expose themselves to, 3) that mass mediated messages have become so pervasive that people are on the verge of being overwhelmed by them. The television is the most accessible tool for recipients when it comes to persuasive communication. Perhaps most families today own a television set in their houses and in that manner, the news that they get is obviously from the television. Everyday, people are bombarded with enormous number of news and issues, more than what they can actually attend to. Their effectiveness, that is, their success in changing attitudes may be affected by the kind of processing they receive. The question now is how do recipients select the advertisements or issues that they would process? Do they process only those that are important to them? From a persuasive point of view, the...
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