The Effects of Television on Youth

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Nowadays television has become a part of our life , and it has a big influence upon us. We as adults, don't have much time to watch it, especially if we have a job, but children usually spend lot of time in front of screen. Undoubtedly, in time, they get influenced by it and the problem is if that's a good or bad influence. As tv has good and bad channels, hence very dangerous for children, I think the family has a huge influence in their choice. If the child belongs to a good and educated family, probably they will monitor his time in front of television, and the quality of programs as well. If the child belongs to an unorganized family or a family without moral values, is more likely that he will spend much time before screen ,and hence he will be negatively influenced . In my opinion, television is a good tool, if we choose educational programs as ``Animal planet``, ``Discovery``, or sport channels. Especially sport channels are very good and educational, and they motivate children to practice a sport or to reach their goal in life. I remember when I was a child I was fascinated by figure skating and his heroes. Skaters like Nancy Kerrigan, Victor Petrenko or Surya Bonaly impressed me a lot through their work and perseverance, and motivated me to study more, in order to succed in school. ``Animal planet`` is also a good channel, a world which fascinates people who watch it. When I have a little time , it is my pleasure to spend it in front of screen, learning new and interesting things about animals' life. Therefore, if parents emphasis good habits in children, and urge them to watch good channels, they can take advantage, and learn a lot from television. If the whole family watches the news every night it is a good routine. Musical programs also are good because relieve stress, and give a feeling of comfort .The parents are...
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