The Effects of Teenage Pregnancy to Youngsters

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  • Published: December 27, 2012
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The effects of teenage pregnancy to youngsters

There are few cases regarding teenage pregnancy, that have become a trend and make restless in our community nowadays. Teenagers can be defined as an adolescent from the range of age between 13 to 19. However, pregnancy is said to be the period from conception to birth. Therefore, teenage pregnancy is defined as a teenage girl, usually within the ages of 13 to 19, becoming pregnant. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute(AGI) (2010), which is one of the nonprofit agencies that focuses on sexual and reproductive health research, policy analysis and also the public education. It has stated that teenage pregnancy has adversed implications not only to these young mothers but for the parents,the child and society too. Most of the teenagers nowadays are easy to get involved in the trend of early marriage or social problem regarding proximation which may lead to teenage pregnancy. The implications of teenage pregnancy have been attributed to emotional risks, medical complications as well as social problems.

There are several effects that may cause from teenage pregnancy and one of it is related to emotion which involve depression and fear. Most of these young pregnant mothers, they do not know how to handle these new circumstances that they need to face because they are not ready yet to have a child at their early age. They will often feel caught in the trap and experience frustration. Thus, this feeling will lead them to depression. This depression may eventually add to the emotional stress on them and they are potentially lead themselves to neglect their child as they feel burden by the baby. For example, if they came from a poor family background, it may actually affect them as they could not cope with their problems. However , they are now being pregnant at the early age without any preparation been made and they might have difficulties as they are not having financial stability and others. Furthermore, some of these pregnant teenagers are feeling fear and worry of their pregnancy as the time to deliver the baby is almost near. Moreover, when their pregnancies are getting bigger, these teen mothers will feel depress as they are feeling fear of having babies at their early age. Other than that, they must know how to control their sense of fear so that it will not affect their health and their babies. So, they should be calm and emotionally stable.

Another negative implication that might affect to the youngsters’ life caused by teenage pregnancy is they could face medical complications caused by ignorance of medical care and taking poor diet. During the pregnancy, these teenage girls are not likely to seek any medical care adequately. As they might think that it would not cause any problems to neglect on their medical care. However, it can actually lead to prematurity on their pregnancy and can also cause low birth weight on their babies. At the same time, they can also suffer on blood pressure disease too if they do not control their health level by checking it frequently. Moreover, these medical complications can also be affected by the teenage mothers because of the poor diet with the lack of nutrition taken daily. Pregnant mothers, especially the teenagers should have enough nutrition as they need more energy regarding their active lifestyle. As now for the teen mothers, they need to take care of their nutrition taken daily because they need to make sure that their babies are also getting enough nutrition everyday. If this matter is not being considered by these mothers, it may affect the growth of the baby which needs adequate nutrients such as iron, calcium and other important nutrients.

Last but not least, the consequence that is related to the teenage pregnancy is about the social problems such as the perspective of community and peer relation . Sometimes, the community has a negative thinking on these early pregnant...
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