The Effects of Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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The Effects of Teen Pregnancy

Brittany Henderson

ENG 101


Jeffrey Long

As she reads the positive pregnancy test she drops to her knees. What to do? Where to go from here? Who can I tell? Am I ready? And so many more questions roll through her mind. At first it is all just a dream and then the symptoms and reality from everyone’s reactions sets in. She knows this is not only going to affect her this is going to affect so many more. How is she going to provide for a baby? How is she going to finish school? Who is going to financially support her and this child? Are the questions that go through her loved ones minds. The effects of teenage pregnancy are not only negative on the child born, but the mother and the economy.

When a child is born to a teen mother the effects of the pregnancy can have so many bad effects on the baby. Teenage girls who do not have parental support are less likely to receive prenatal care. This could be a bad effect on baby, prenatal care is crucial for any unborn baby. “Children who are born to teenage mothers are also at risk for neglect and abuse because their mothers are not aware of their roles and can become frustrated over demands from baby” (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. (May 2012). "When Children Have Children". Retrieved from Health Issues can also be a bad effect on the child of a teen mother. Most teens have poor appetite this includes teen mothers. This could be a bad effect on an unborn child or any child at that. They are also more likely to smoke and use drugs and alcohol due to peer pressure in which all effect a child. According to Healthy Teen Network ,  (para. 1). “Children who have uneducated parents are not likely to get the support they need from parents to become educated” This is one of the worst effects on children born to teen parents. The effects on children born to teen parents is so unbelievable. You would think proof of...
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