The Effects of Technology in Business Communication.

Topics: Communication, Internet, History of the Internet Pages: 5 (1399 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The effects of technological advancement in business communication.

In the past 20 years technology has made many changes in the world. One of the most significant changes was in business communication, with the invention of smartphones, emails, and communication apps turned business communication into a much more efficient and effective tool for the firm’s use. Throughout this essay contrasting arguments will be provided to highlight the effects of technological advancement in business communication..

One of the most innovative technological inventions used for communication purposes was the cellphone. Important time was lost when co-workers had to move within the company in order to reach other employees with the aim of exchanging valuable information towards the company success. Now with a cellphone, employees can often be found quickly by text messaging or direct calls. With the most recent advancement of technology in the cellphone industry, the smartphones offers a higher level of productivity by offering a wider range of services and tools making communication through e-mail and other apps. Employees now can reply to emails wherever they are and use free application tools to give the feedback even faster. Therefore it can be said that most firms have become more productive after the implementation of smarthphones.

Computer tools combined with fast Internet connection enable Tele-Conferencing with employees or suppliers. Tele-Conferencing also helps us setup live virtual meetings, saving a lot of money for the firm as a result of lowered travel expenses; no participants of the meeting need to add extra traveling expenses.

With the advancement of smartphone apps it is now possible to scan any images on demand, any place, any time; converting paperwork or photos into virtual documents. With these technological advanced phones we can send these documents to any co-worker within the company.

There are many ways that technology can be used in business. One of them is networking; this communication process allow users to communicate with each other within a secure system this can happen in different ways such as voice and video. There are many positive points of using networking communication in a business; such as collaboration on reports, documents production and programming.

The Internet is also a useful way to communicate in a firm. Organizations that are able to communicate well via the Internet are a step ahead of its competitors. The Internet allows the company’s employees to have a reliable, effective and yet inexpensive form of communication; there are two main different ways to communicate with the aid of the Internet. Firstly, you can have a static communication through web pages where the information is presented for everyone that is seeking for the said information. The second way of communication is the dynamic communication via chat; this results in a fast and effective way of passing information from different sectors within a company or even, different offices in different areas.

As to the communication of the company to it’s costumers, the webpage allows costumers to see change of prices, solving possible issues with their products in a 24hours live chat. In addition feedback from previous costumers can be seen, lastly, the costumer itself can give their own feedback for the firm, its products and its services.

The Internet can also be used to upload and share vital information for the company via documents. The Internet allows documents that need to be signed to be quickly sent from one place to the other as long as both places have access to the Internet. In addition, it can be said that these documents are safely stored in the company’s database and the document itself will be sent without having the risk of being lost on the way or other issues that might happen by using the conventional mail system. The...
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