The Effects of Stereotype Threats

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  • Published : December 20, 2010
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Stereotype threat theory functions in a social environment in which a person is negatively stereotyped which creates a reaction of tenseness, indecision, uneasiness and distress on the person the stereotype was intended for. This distress comes from the understanding that one’s actions may possibly corroborate a negative stereotype which frequently results in confirmation or verification of the stereotype. The hypothesis that all three articles stereotype threats affects psychological processes that creates a situational pressure that depresses performance in an assortment of situations and settings for example on standardized test performance, sports performance, female math performance, compared to people who are not affected by Stereotype threat. The article “The Effects of Stereotype Threat on Standardized Mathematics Test Performance and Cognitive Processing” demonstrates that stereotype threat depresses performance on standardized tests in which results in an invalid method of assessment. The article “Stereotype endorsement and perceived ability as mediators of the girls gender orientation–soccer performance relationship” demonstrates that stereotype effect affects psychological processes that depress performance in sports.

The Effects of Stereotype Threats
A schema is a mental framework that assists in organizing and categorizing information about an individual’s social environment. Schemas are associations that are used to assist people in differentiating, judging and retaining processed information which as a result creates mental shortcuts. Schemas are used to explain behavior about certain ethnic groups, genders and social economic statuses. In this case schemas are referred to as a stereotype which are overgeneralizations about characteristics and traits that are generalized to explain the behavior of every person in a particular people group. Stereotypes create stereotype threats that cause negative consequences for...
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