The Effects of Spanking

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Corporal punishment in the home Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: October 11, 2010

The Long Term Effects Spanking Causes
Spanking a child should be banned. A national study showed that 94 percent of parents still spank their children. Another study showed that younger parents who were not informed on alternative methods to physical punishment with their children were more likely to spank Some people might argue that a spanking will teach the child discipline or right from wrong, however, evidence suggests that spanking a child leads to aggressive behavior as well as feeling humiliated. Most people when asked how they feel about spanking a child refer to their own experiences, almost all can not remember it being a positive experience. (Combs, 2008).

According to Kalb (2008), spanking leads to more aggression in children. Gershoff (2008) whom is a researcher, also states that children who are spanked tend to be more aggressive as well as engage in risky behavior. Gershoff says that the only behavior a child learns is that if you have the power in your relationship than you can use aggression to get your way. Kids may also learn that in loving relationships comes pain and fear. According to Gershoff, spanking may get a child’s attention, but in the long run it does not teach them how to behave appropriately (Kalb, 2008).

Proponents of spanking often argue that if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. However, according to Jenny (2009), the punisher is only teaching the child that because they are bigger and stronger they get their way. Society as a whole needs to come to the conclusion that discipline can be accomplished with out the use of physical tactics.


People as a whole are led to believe that using physical punishment is the only effective way to get the child to behave, however this...
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