The Effects of Sleeping in Contact Lenses

Topics: Eye, Sleep, Infection Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: March 7, 2013
The effects of sleeping with ones contacts in can be very serious and in some extreme cases life threatening. Contact solution is used to disinfect, clean, and otherwise return your contacts to a more preferred state. Without the use of contact solution you are more prone to infection and many other serious, irreparable, conditions. One such condition is scraping ones eye when finally removing the contact. When one scrapes their eye they are opening the iris and exposing their body to viral infections of which cannot be treated. When one gets these diseases/infections they are required to see an optometrist straight away so there might be some remnants of vision left in the eye. If the eye is not cleaned and treated for these conditions there is a very great chance of blindness or such poor vision that one is considered legally blind and deemed unfit to live by themselves.

When such conditions have been put to effect by family or government, contacts are considered a threat to the person who previously wore them. With the threat removed however they are less prone to infection as the optometrist can and will close the eye with surgery if it has been scraped or with infectious diseases they will simply have to clean and disinfect and give you advice on how to take care of yourself. Foremost among this advice is that contacts and even glasses are not an option. Contacts are obvious but many people wonder about glasses. When the eye is open and exposed it can be strained after this exposure and glasses increases the strain. This intense strain can result in either blindness or in a worst case situation, stroke. With the infectious diseases, glasses carry more viruses into the eye and prolong the infection to irreversible damage.

In retrospect, the effect of wearing your contacts in your sleep is simply the pinnacle of laziness. When preparing to go to bed one will realize that they left their contacts in and wonder what the harm in leaving them in could...
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