The Effects of Sex and Violence on Television

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  • Published : October 30, 2010
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Ashley McNeese
September 26, 2010
English 2
Essay prompt #3
The Effects of Sex and Violence on Television

Cable Television is a favorable pastime of both adults and younger viewers. Cable television offers countless advantages such as: educational programs, news broadcast, and live sports events. However with all the advantages there are countless disadvantages as well. These disadvantages include advertising targeting children, child obesity, stereotypical teachings children may not understand and the effects of sex and violence on these children. Not only are they seeing advertising targeting children, but what about the effects of advertising geared towards adults? Sex and violence sell, and advertisers know this. A child that sees these references to sex and violence are not going to understand the full meanings of what is going on in these commercials.

The amount of time spent on a day to day watching television is extremely high, especially for children 2 years old through 5 years of age. The University of Michigan Health System reports that children these ages spend as much as 32 hours a week in front of the television. Before the age of 18 a child will witness as much as 200,000 acts of violence on television. The research done has determined that these acts of violence that younger viewers are watching is directly associated with the rise of violence in day to day life and contributes greatly to a negative attitude from the younger viewers.

During these crucial times of brain development which is also before the age of 5, what exactly are our children learning? In order to clearly analyze what our children are taking in, we must first take a look at how a child’s brain begins to develop. We are insulted with all the cells and the initial framework of brain development before we are even born. The environment that the child is in has a direct effect of how the brain is...
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